Who may apply for a disability retirement?
If you are a contributory member to retirement, you may apply for a service-connected disability retirement any time during your County employment. A service-connected disability is when a member becomes permanently ill or injured as a result of his or her job duties. The employment must substantially contribute to the permanent incapacity. Safety members may qualify for certain presumption benefits such as cancer or heart trouble.

If you are a contributory member, you may apply for a non-service-connected disability retirement after completing at least five (5) years of continuous County/reciprocal retirement service credit. A non-service-connected disability is when a member's permanent illness or injury is not related to his or her employment.

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1. Who may apply for a disability retirement?
2. May another person file an application for me?
3. When should an application be filed?
4. How do I apply?
5. How is my eligibility to receive a disability retirement determined?
6. How long does the determination of disability take?
7. Do I need an attorney to help me?
8. May I receive a service retirement allowance while waiting for the Board of Retirement to decide upon my application?
9. Could there be any consequences if I take a service retirement allowance pending the Board of Retirement's decision?
10. If my application is approved, when will my disability retirement allowance become effective?
11. When will I receive my first check?
12. How much money will my retirement allowance be?
13. Will my retirement allowance ever change?
14. Will I still be eligible for medical and dental insurance?
15. May I continue to work for the County if I am found to be disabled?
16. May I obtain employment other than County employment if I am found to be disabled?
17. Can my disability retirement be cancelled at a later date?
18. Is it to my advantage to purchase or "buy back" credit for my previous service?
19. If I have reciprocity with the Public Employees' Retirement System and/or any other 37 Act county, do I need to advise the other system(s) of my disability retirement?
20. Is my retirement allowance reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?
21. Are taxes withheld from my retirement allowance?