What are the MCERA office hours?
Our Retirement Benefits Specialists in our office are available to assist you and answer your questions from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 209-726-2724.

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1. Where is Merced County Employees' Retirement Association located?
2. How can I get MCERA brochures or forms?
3. What are the MCERA office hours?
4. I am currently working. What section of the MCERA website should I look at for information?
5. I am looking for something I read in a recent newsletter. Where can I find it?
6. How can I speak in person with a MCERA Retirement Benefits Specialist?
7. How do I advise MCERA of my new address?
8. I need to report the death of a relative who worked for Merced County. What information does MCERA need?
9. How does a defined benefit plan differ from a defined contribution plan?
10. I worked for Merced County many years ago. Am I eligible for a retirement benefit?
11. I have been away from the County for a while. How do I find out my retirement benefits with the County?
12. How can I stay updated on MCERA's financial situation?
13. Who serves on MCERA's Boards?
14. When are the Board meetings held?