Mission, Goals & Objectives


Established in 1967 as a division of the County Administrator's Office, the Information Systems Department serves as a central services agency providing automation services for all County departments. These services include mainframe computer applications, Wide and Local Area Network support, and office automation support.


  • To support and educate the various County departments in the use of automation
  • To continue to maintain and upgrade each existing automation system, ensuring that each operates at the highest efficiency and with the best possible level of reliability
  • To continue in the conversion of legacy systems into the newer, more efficient Data Base tools that are now available
  • To provide County managers the information and tools necessary to make decisions and plans for the automation of their individual departments
  • To continue upgrading office automation tools to the highest possible levels
  • To provide training in the use of automated systems and equipment


  • To continue in the development of computer systems, either by upgrading or by total replacement of existing systems, thus ensuring the utilization of the highest level of technology available
  • To continue in the development and refinement of the Operations, Systems, and Programming Divisions
  • To update the existing procedures regarding standards for programming, operations, systems, and data entry; thereby ensuring that each section conforms to the newer methodology available
  • To continue in the education of County personnel on the uses of automation in the office environment
  • To continue the implementation of Data Base software and Fourth Generation Language on all new mainframe applications