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The Merced County Public Library and our member San Joaquin Valley libraries provide you with more than three million adult and young people's books, movies, CDs, and other materials to choose from right in your neighborhood, and right at your fingertips.

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With ValleyCat Online Catalog, you can easily seek, track, and order items from any Merced County branch or any member library in the SJVLS system. With just a few clicks, your selections will be delivered to your library of choice.

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If you prefer coming into the library, visit any of the Merced County libraries. If you're traveling or commuting in the San Joaquin Valley, stop in at any of our SJVLS member libraries. You can check in or check out books and materials right where you are. Anything you check out can be returned to any other SJVLS library in person or, after the library is closed, in the library's book drop.

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