Misdemeanor offenses are crimes carrying a punishment of no more than one year in County Jail. Most of the crimes this office prosecutes are misdemeanors. All defendants who are charged with a misdemeanor crime are entitled to a jury trial. 

Many of the misdemeanors which this office prosecutes are driving under the influence cases. Even though these cases are only misdemeanors, the prosecutors in this office take these cases very seriously because of the threat intoxicated drivers pose to the community at large. A large percentage of the misdemeanor case our prosecutors take to jury trial are driving under the influence cases.

A person convicted of a misdemeanor, in addition to County Jail time, will probably be placed on informal probation with various conditions. As with felonies, victims of misdemeanor crimes are entitled to address the court at sentencing and to restitution.

The misdemeanor prosecutors of the Merced County District Attorney’s Office are dedicated to ensuring that justice is done in all cases.