For Teens

Young Parents Program

We're here to help and support you in meeting your goals.

Our home visiting program is free and open to:
  • Pregnant or parenting mothers if they are under age 19 and are not Cal-Learn participants
  • Teen fathers under age 19; You must maintain involvement with the child to be eligible for the program
For more information, call (209) 381-1141 or toll free at (800) 649-6849.

What We Will Help You With

  • Health care
  • Child care
  • Food / nutrition
  • Birth control
  • Job training

  • Counseling
  • Emergency supplies (clothing, diapers, formulas, etc.)
  • Drug or alcohol treatment
  • Legal issues
  • Other needs you may have

Case Manager

You and your case manager will:
  • Develop a plan together to help you reach your goals
  • Connect you with agencies that can help you reach your goals
  • Work together to answer your parenting questions