Young Parents Program (YPP)

About the Program

The Young Parents Program (YPP) is a home visiting program that provides counseling and connections to resources for teens who are expecting or already parenting.

YPP is under the direction of the Merced County Department of Public Health and is made possible by funding through the California Department Of Public Health Services Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health program.

See the YPP brochure in English and Spanish.


  • Teens, their families and their social support systems will be served by effective, comprehensive networks of local programs and agencies.
  • Adolescents will be supported through continuous case management in developing a sense of themselves as worthwhile, capable individuals and parents.
  • Teens will use health care resources to achieve and maintain optimal physical and mental health. The pregnant and/or parenting adolescents will utilize available services for their children and partners.
  • Adolescents and their parents will make healthy lifestyle decisions for themselves and their children.
  • Adolescents will deliver healthy babies.
  • The adolescents served by AFLP, their children and partners will live, work, and go to school in safe, healthy environments.
  • Teens and their partners will plan for the prevention of unintentional pregnancies.
  • Teens will develop educational and/or vocational goals for themselves.