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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Application Information

The Merced County Building and Safety Division has adopted the necessary requirement of AB 1236 and AB 970 which are intended to streamline the permitting of electric vehicle charging stations.  The following application timelines will be applied to qualifying projects:

1-25 station project at a single site: An EVCS application will be deemed complete if after 5 business days the county has not either (1) found the application to be complete or (2) issued a written deficiency notice (a) detailing all changes needed to make the application consistent with the city or county EVCS permitting checklist or (b) identifying specific information necessary for the Building Official to conduct a limited review of whether the project meets all health and safety requirements. 

If not already approved or denied pursuant to the requirements of AB 1236 (Section 65850.7(b) or (c), respectively), the application will be deemed approved 20 business days after it was deemed complete if (1) the county has not made a finding, based on substantial evidence, that the EVCS could have a specific adverse impact upon the public health or safety; (2) the county has not required the applicant to apply for a use permit as specified in Section 65850.7(b); and (3) an appeal has not been made to the planning commission pursuant to Section 65850.7(d). 

26 or more stations at a single site: The process described above is the same for applications including 26 or more EVCS at a site, except: an EVCS application will be deemed complete after 10 business days and will be deemed approved 40 business days after deemed complete.