Other Projects Related to Franklin-Beachwood Area

State Park Grant Application for Franklin-Beachwood

The Merced County Public Works Department is applying for a State grant to build a new park in the Franklin-Beachwood area. The grant can provide as much as $8.5 million to create a park offering features such as picnic shelters, recreation center, soccer fields, playground, walking path, and other characteristics. The grant application due date was December 2020 and has been extended to March 2021. Award announcements are expected July 2021.

For more information on the State Park Grant Application for Franklin-Beachwood, please contact: 

Patti Dossetti
(209) 385-7637 ext 4467

Franklin-Beachwood Interconnectivity Plan 

Interconnectivity Plan Overview 

The Franklin-Beachwood Interconnectivity Plan will create a framework for future transportation improvements in and around the Franklin-Beachwood community, with an emphasis on active transportation. The Plan will be prepared with two goals: To link the existing transportation system within Franklin-Beachwood, and to connect Franklin-Beachwood to nearby regional centers (Atwater, Merced, and the Mid-California International Trade District) with new transportation options. 

The Interconnectivity Plan will be prepared concurrently with a Community Plan Update for Franklin-Beachwood, which will allow the integration of land use planning and transportation planning. Together, the Community Plan Update and the Interconnectivity Plan will pave the way for a healthy, sustainable future for Franklin-Beachwood.

This Interconnectivity Plan is being funded by a Caltrans Sustainable Communities Grant. Preparation of the plan, as well as community outreach, will begin in early 2021.

Interconnectivity Plan Objectives

  • Provide a course of action to link the existing fragmented multi-modal system within the Franklin-Beachwood community
  • Provide a course of action to connect Franklin-Beachwood to nearby regional employment and service centers – including the City of Merced, the City of Atwater, and the Mid-California International Trade District – via new multi-modal infrastructure.
  • Add new bikeways and improve existing bikeways in the project area
  • Add new sidewalks and improve existing sidewalks in the project area
  • Add multi-use trails where appropriate
  • Identify funding mechanisms to implement suggested improvements
  • Prioritize improvements which have the greatest community benefit
  • Incorporate multi-modal transportation planning with effective land use planning and planning for future housing
  • Educate the community on the environmental, economic, and social benefits of active transportation

For more information on the Franklin-Beachwood Interconnectivity Plan, please contact: 

Brody Patterson
(209) 385-7654 ext 4519