Deputy Tim Lemmons and K-9 Zeke

Limmons and Zeke

My name is Tim Lemmons and I’ve been a Deputy Sheriff for almost 7 years. In the time I’ve worked in law enforcement, I’ve been fortunate enough to work many different assignments. Some of these assignments include my normal patrol duties, marijuana eradication, sex crimes, defensive tactics instructor, and being a field training officer. In May of 2020, I was blessed with the opportunity to become one of the department's K9 handlers.

My K9 partner, Zeke, is a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois who comes from Holland in the Netherlands.  Zeke’s commands are primarily spoken in Dutch. Zeke is a dual purpose apprehension and narcotics K9. I’ve learned a lot from Zeke in the little time we have been together and the bond between us is one few can understand.

Zeke loves the company and enjoys being around his family and other people. At home, you’ll find Zeke lying on the laps of his family or rolled over on his back getting his belly rubbed. If you pet him, you’ve just gained the best friend a person can have. At work, you find Zeke spinning circles in the car any time it is moving and making noise telling me he’s ready to work.