Deputy Kenneth Alberton and K-9 Ranger

Alberton Ranger

My name is Kenneth Alberton and I am handler of the Merced County Sheriff’s Office K9 unit. I have worked in law enforcement for over twenty years.  I have always had a passion for police K9’s and in my career, I worked and retired three K9 partners.

I started my law enforcement career in 1997 and while with the Hughson Police Department my K9 partner was Jago a male long hair German Shepherd.  I came to the Merced County Sheriff’s office in 2002 where I joined the K9 unit and worked Bilma a female German Shepherd.  I went to the Chowchilla Police Department in 2006 and worked Warco a male German Shepherd.

During this time in these agencies, I was also a Field Training Officer, Range Master, and School Resource Officer.  I enjoyed these assignments. However, my passion was working with K9’s.  In my free time, I would help local vendors train K9’s that went on to partner with officers and deputies across California.  

In 2017 I returned to my home, the Merced County Sheriff’s Office at which time I was given the opportunity to assist the current K9 unit by decoying, offering advice, and helping other handlers.   

In June of 2020, I was partnered with K9 Ranger.  Ranger is a seven-year-old Dutch Shepherd.  Ranger is a dual purpose K9.  Ranger is trained in detecting the odor of narcotics and criminal apprehension.   Ranger enjoys spending time with my children and being a dog while he is at home.  Ranger is always ready to go when I put on his work collar.