Community Cleanup

Community Cleanups allow local county residents to dispose of tires, appliances, and other common throwaway items for a greatly reduced fee.

Community Cleanup Schedule 2021

All Community Cleanups will start at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 2:00 p.m. sharp, no exceptions!

CommunityCleanup DateLocation
El NidoJanuary 23, 2021County Library Parking Lot
StevinsonJanuary 30, 2021Hwy. 165  (¼ mile south of Hwy. 140)
DelhiFebruary 27, 2021Fourth Street & Gordon Street
Santa NellaMarch 6, 2021West Comet Road & Venus Circle
SnellingMarch 13, 2021Henderson Park
WintonMarch 20, 2021Santa Fe Drive & Winton Way
HilmarMarch 27, 2021Community Center / Faulke Street
South Dos PalosApril 3, 2021Reynolds Avenue & Shain Avenue
Le GrandApril 10, 2021Santa Fe Avenue & Jefferson Street
Franklin / BeachwoodApril 24, 2021
Santa Fe Dr. & Business Park Way
Dos Palos YOctober 2, 2021
Dos Palos Y Auction Yard
McSwainOctober 23, 2021
Quinley Avenue  (South of Moran Avenue)
PlanadaNovember 6, 2021
Broadway  (Between Mills Street & Fremont Street)

Unacceptable Items & Loads

The following items will not be accepted:

  • Household chemicals or liquids of any kind
  • Oil waste or automotive fluids
  • Heavy equipment or tractor tires
  • Treated wood – railroad ties, pressure-treated lumber, etc.
  • Commercial loads

Also, trucks over 1 ton and trailers over 8 feet will not be accepted, no exceptions.

Drop-Off Cost

In order to offset the cost of the annual cleanup events, there will be a small charge for most items.

Carloads of discards will be charged $1.00, while pick-ups, vans, and station wagons will be $2.00.  Smaller single-axle trailers less than 8 feet will be charged $3.00, while 8-foot trailers and 1-ton trucks will be charged $4.00.  (Trucks over 1 ton and trailers over 8 feet will not be accepted, no exceptions.)


The Merced County Solid Waste Division has obtained a grant from the State of California for the disposal of passenger tires. This allows us to offer FREE disposal of up to four (4) passenger tires per load. Additional passenger tires beyond the limit will cost the participant $1.00 each. The grant does not cover commercial loads or tractor tires and we will not accept these at the Community Clean-up Events. However, we will accept truck tires, from 16.5 to 20 inches in size, at a cost of $2.00 each.

Schedule of Fees

Load / ItemsRate
Automobiles$1.00 (per load)
Pickups, Vans, Station Wagons$2.00 (per load)
Trailers (less than 8 ft.)$3.00 (per load)
Trailers (8 ft.) and 1-Ton trucks$4.00 (per load)
Passenger Car Tires$1.00 (each)
Pickup Truck Tires$2.00 (each)
Mattress and/or Box Spring$1.00 (each)
Large Appliances$1.00 (each)