CFT Survey

Have you participated in a Child and Family Team (CFT) Meeting before?  Do you know others who have? The California Department of Social Services has just released the CFT Survey and we want to hear your voice!  If you are with Merced County's Children Services Branch or juvenile probation agency, if you somehow support the CFT process, or are a youth or non-minor dependent receiving services, use this link and encourage everyone who participates in a CFT meeting to complete the survey.

​The survey is online, has just sixteen questions, should only take about five minutes to complete, and in anonymous.  It was put together to get more information about the  CFT process to help inform training, technical assistance, and guidance needs for counties, agencies, and stakeholders.  The feedback we receive is valuable.  Be a part of the team that is working together to achieve positive change in the live of children, youth, and families!