Deputy Tommy Miller and K-9 Edo

Miller and EdoMy name is Tommy Miller, I was born and raised in Stanislaus County where I currently reside. I began my Law Enforcement career in September of 2011, where I graduated from The San Joaquin Delta College Police Academy, Class 30-11. I was hired in Stanislaus County shortly after graduating where I worked until I was hired and sworn in with the Merced County Sheriff’s Office on December 26th, 2016. 

Through the years of my short career, I have learned this job is demanding, difficult, dangerous and very challenging. We are required to make split second decisions during the most challenging conditions. Despite thousands of hours of training, our emotions, knowledge, abilities and skills are always put to the test. I truly enjoy working for this agency and am honored to protect the citizens of Merced County. 

In September of 2017, I became a Field Training Officer. I have always enjoyed teaching and helping others. I embrace the significant challenge in assisting less experienced Deputies learn. Sharing my knowledge of this job and passing along my life experience is gratifying. Given the responsibility to assist in molding the future of the department is a large responsibility that I am glad to take on. I have always been intrigued with Law Enforcement K9’s. Their ability to assist us during our job provides us with a great advantage.

I have worked as a K9 decoy/agitator for about one year and in November of 2017, I was given the opportunity to be a handler for Edo. Since November, Edo and I have begun the “bonding and obedience phase”, where I spend the most amount of time possible with him so we can get to know each other. Edo turned five years old in July of 2017. He is a dual purpose K9 being trained in apprehension and narcotics detection. He is half German Shepard, half Malinois and is the department’s largest K9 weighing in at 98 pounds.      

In Edo’s off time he likes to play fetch at the park with his favorite toy and lounge around the house.