Annual Registrations (credit card, check or cash accepted)

Service Fee
Agricultural Pest Control Business $50.00
Agricultural Aircraft Pilot (In County) $10.00
Agricultural Aircraft Pilot (out of County) $5.00
Pest Control Advisor (in County) $10.00
Pest Control Advisor (out of County) $5.00
Maintenance Gardener Pest Control $25.00
Branch 1 Structural Pest Control Operator $25.00
Branch 2 & 3 Pest Control Operator $10.00
Farm Labor Contractor $30.00

Bait Prices (credit card, check or cash accepted)

Product 25 lb bag 50 lb bag
Chlorphacinone - 0.01% (Chlorphacinone Label) $62.75 $125.50
Diphacinone - 0.005% (Diphacinone Label) $58.75 $117.50
Zinc Phosphide - 2.0% (Zinc Phosphide Label) N/A $128.50
Gas Cartridges - $2.85 each    

Certified Producer - Farmer's Markets (credit card, check or cash accepted)

Certificate Type Fee
Certified Producer Certificate Hourly Charge
Farmer's Market Certificate Hourly Charge

Misc. Fees

Certification Type Fee Type
Colony Strength Inspection Hourly Charge
Research Authorization Crop Destruction Inspection Hourly Charge (not to exceed $125 per test site)
Phytosanitary Certification Hourly Charge
(half hour minimum, 2 hour minimum charge on weekends/holidays)
Weed-Free Forage Certification Hourly Charge (no additional charge for Quarantine Compliance Certificate)
Certificate of Quarantine Compliance Hourly Charge (half hour minimum per certificate)