Pest Detection Program

This program provides the second line of defense (behind pest exclusion) against exotic pests through the early detection of new introductions before they become widely established.  This early pest detection is accomplished through visual survey and the use of detection traps.  Pest detection also supports pest free status required by other states and foreign countries which receive Merced County product.

Visual survey is conducted at high risk locations in Merced County which include: orchards and apiary yards which receive bees from locations suspected of being infested with exotic weeds and Red Imported Fire Ants; roadside rights-of-way for weed infestations; roadside rest area for weed, insect and disease infestations; and crop production areas for new infestations of special concern to the State.

The Agricultural Commissioner conducts pest detection trapping throughout the County for: Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Oriental Fruit Fly, Melon Fly, Mexican Fruit Fly, Japanese Beetle, Gypsy Moth, Light Brown Apple Moth, Sweet Potato Weevil, Khapra Beetle, Red Imported Fire Ant, Vine Mealy Bug, European Corn Borer, and European Pine Shoot Moth.  The Agricultural Commissioner also maintains pest detection traps for Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter, which is technically considered a Pest Managment program.  In addition, the California Department of Food & Ag conducts pest detection trapping in the County for Cotton Pink Bollworm (considered a Pest Eradication Program).

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