Organ And Tissue Donation


Following the death of a loved one, many family members wish to participate in the anatomical gift donation process by authorizing the donation of their loved one’s tissue's or organs. Recognizing that organ and tissue transplantation saves and improves thousands of lives each year, the Sheriff-Coroner Department is committed to accommodating the requests whenever possible. A collaborative working relationship with the organ and tissue procurement agency, the local law enforcement agencies, and the medical community; enables the Coroner Division to carefully evaluate each case. 

When an individual is on life support and death is imminent, the organ and tissue procurement agencies will work closely with the family to provide information and assistance regarding the donation process of vital organs. If the death has already occurred, and not more than 24 hours has elapsed, corneas, bone, and skin tissue still may be used for donation. 

Special attention is given to Coroner cases where homicide and suicide are known or suspected because of law enforcement involvement and the potential of subsequent litigation. In these cases, the Coroner’s Office must ensure the circumstances, manner, and cause of death are determined prior to the release of the deceased to donor organizations for organ and tissue recovery. 


CORNEA – Prevents blindness or restores vision. 

WHOLE EYES - Used in the reconstruction of eye orbit or reconstruction of the eye surface in contact with the eye. Utilized in medical training and research into the cause and cures for blindness.