Community Outreach Program Engagement and Education

The Merced County Department of Public Health—Community Outreach Program Engagement and Education (COPE) is a collaboration between the Public Health and Merced County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services to improve access and integration of mental health services through health-related workshops and collaboration with community partners and primary health care providers. 

The goal is to provide outreach and education as well as promote engagement in the Mental Health service delivery system to all age groups, with an emphasis to the underserved Hispanic and Southeast Asian populations, the homeless, the LGBTQ community, incarcerated youth and wards of the court, and others who have a mental or chronic illness. 

COPE services are funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). COPE provides FREE healthier living workshops to all communities in Merced County. All classes are offered in English and Spanish. If you are interested in having the team present on the services provided or table at your next informational event, please call (209) 381-1232.