Returning to Work After Retirement

How long do I have to wait after retirement before returning to work for an MCERA participating employer in the above positions?

The Board of Retirement has adopted resolutions defining normal retirement age as 50 for Safety Employee Members and as age 60 for Miscellaneous Employee members. The resolutions also require that a "bona fide" separation from service must occur before any retired member who is younger than normal retirement age can be employed as a retiree by an MCERA employer. A bona fide separation from service is based on two factors:
  • The absence of a predetermined arrangement to return to work with an MCERA employer.
  • A minimum of 60 day break in service from the date of retirement to the date post-retirement employment begins. If you are a retiring safety member, 50 years or older or a retiring Miscellaneous member, 60 years or older, these regulations do not apply to you.

Retiring Before Nor "Normal Retirement Age"

For members who retire younger that "normal retirement age," the member must:
  • Have a 60 day separation from employment
  • Not have any predetermined arrangement with an MCERA employer for the member to return to work after retirement
If a member who retires below normal retirement age returns to work without complying with conditions above they will be asked to terminate employment within 30 days of notification by MCERA and may not return to work for 365 days or until they reach normal retirement age whichever occurs first. Members who fail to terminate employment may be subject to having retirement benefits terminated.