Final Average Salary (FAS)

The final average salary (FAS) is also referred to as the final average compensation (FAC) and refers to the average monthly salary used by MCERA to calculate the retirement benefit.

  • Highest 26 consecutive pay periods (Tier I members only)
  • Highest 78 consecutive pay periods (Tier II - IV members only)
  • Sick leave sold back during the 25th pay period (tier I - III)
  • Vacation sold back during the 25th pay period (tier I - III management only)
  • Some special pays, for example uniform allowance, bilingual pay, confidential pay, etc.

Additional Pay

Please contact your payroll clerk for information regarding any additional pay and its applicability for retirement.

Important Notice

From January 1, 2013, due to recent state legislation and pending litigation regarding those new laws, some of the items described as "pensionable" may not ultimately be included in the member's pension upon retirement.