Unmodified Allowance

The unmodified allowance is the highest allowance possible. This option provides, upon your death, that your qualified surviving spouse/domestic partner will receive a lifetime benefit equal to 60% of the benefit you received during retirement.


To qualify, you and your spouse/domestic partner must be legally married/registered as domestic partners with the State of California, for at least one year prior to your retirement date and continuously until the member's death. If there is no qualified spouse/domestic partner and there are minor children, there is a 60% continuance available to the minor children as long as they remain eligible.

Eligible minor children are under age 18, or under age 22 if in school full time and unmarried. If, at the time of your death, there is no one eligible for a continuance, a lump-sum payment of remaining contributions, if any, becomes payable to your beneficiary (ies).