Retirement Calculator

Online Benefit Estimating Worksheet

This tool is made available to assist members in obtaining estimates for retirement. The estimates rendered through this online calculator are based solely upon the facts and data provided by the user and does not represent what the user may actually receive as his/her final retirement allowance. This estimate and the information contained herein are not binding upon the Merced County Employees' Retirement Association (MCERA). If you are not sure of which Factor Table to use or you would like an official estimate, please contact the Retirement Office at 209-726-2724.

Defined Factors

MCERA offers a Defined Benefit Plan. As such, the calculation of your lifetime monthly benefit is based on clearly defined factors. These factors are:
  • Your age at retirement
  • Your years of service credit
  • Your tier
  • Your highest average monthly pensionable compensation

Estimated Figures

You can use this calculator to project your future benefit, based on information you provide. However, your calculations should be viewed as estimates, since every benefit is subject to the special facts and circumstances of your employment history. If you have questions about calculating your benefit, please contact MCERA.


Please complete the following key information to calculate your retirement estimate.

A retirement calculator is being developed for all Tiers, I through IV. However at this time, only Tier I and Tier II retirement calculations are available through the following Tier I/Tier II Calculator page. Please contact the MCERA Office for Tier III and Tier IV retirement estimates.