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The District Attorney's Office supports local artists. Every six months a new artist will display their photographs and/or art work in our downstairs lobby. If you come into our office right now, you will see the exhibits of Doug Torres. Here is Doug's biography in his own words.

First and foremost, I's like to thank you for taking the time to view my photos and read this autobiography. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Doug Torres. I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey and have my mother as well as 3 siblings who still reside there.

​My interest in photography started when I was approximately 10 years old. I talked my mom into buying me a green box camera at a garage sale. We had no idea if it worked, so to test it out, mom purchased black and white film. I took photos of the family and got the film developed. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well my photos came out and the fact that I had fun doing it. In fact, I still have some of those photos to this day!

​After high school I joined the Air Force to "see the world." I thoroughly enjoyed driving across this great country three time whole visiting various states. I was then thrilled to visit different countries such as Korea, Philippines, Australia, and Japan. By this time, I had graduated from my green box camera to a 35mm.

​Since retiring from the Air Force, I became more passionate about photography; now it's more than just a hobby. I've taken a few college photography classes in Merced and have been on a number of instructor-led photography field trips where I learned a lot. Another venue that has provided tremendous insight to photography has been the Merced Camera Club. There we have our photos judged by a seasoned photographer who is PSA certified. Not only have I learned from my own mistakes, but from other's mistakes as well. Through the last few years my photos have won various awards and plaques within the Camera Club. I am currently ranked in the top 10% of our camera club.

​I chose the name DT Photography by simply taking the first initials of my name and simply added photography behind it; thus liking the ring it had after saying it out-loud a number of times- DT Photography.

​I recently purchased a drone to capture photos and videos from the air. I'm currently venturing into getting more realtors as clients, so I can not only capture the inside of a home being sold, but aerial views as well, including the neighborhood and topography.

​Please feel free to view more of my work on the following DT Photography sites:

As you can see by the photos on my website, I specialize in capturing life's special moments i.e. weddings, graduations, special occasions, and even selling your home. Please feel free to call me at (209) 631-4895 for all of your photography needs.
Raining Almonds
Bee harvesting pollen
Ligntening Storm
Peacock Strut