Friends of Hilmar Library

Organization Positions :
President : Barbara Ellington
Vice-President :
Marie Andrews
Treasurer :
Rebecca Ericson
Secretary :
Mary Ann Nickles

Meeting Information :
Date : 2nd Wednesday of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov
Time : 2:00 p.m.
Location : Hilmar Library
Frequency : Every other month

Membership Dues :


Contact Address/email/phone :

Address/PO Box : 921
City ; Hilamr
Zip : 95324
Phone Number : 209-262-7259

Other Information :
Organization bylaws : X yes -------no If yes, please send in a copy.
501c3 : X yes ------------no

Mission Statement :

The purpose of the organization is charitable and educational and it has been formed to 1) Promote knowldge of the functions and resources of the Hilmar branch library 2) Provide Financial assistance to and raise funds for items or services which are of benefit to Hilmar Library 3) Enhance Hilmar Library services available to local citizens and residents 4) Facilitate cooperation with main and branch libraries 5) Support adequate housing of Hilmar library facilities 6) Cultivate a close relationship between the Hilmar citizens and businesses.