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Geographic Information Survey Maps Archive Library

Land Use Planning Maps

2010 General Plan and Zoning Maps
2009 Constraints Map
Active Projects 2005 - July 2010
Castle Special Planning Zone Map
City of Merced Homeless Camp - ALUC Compatibility
City of Merced Homeless Camp - Proposed Locations
Existing Dairy Facilities in Merced County
Existing Land Uses
Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) Boundaries
Regulatory Restrictions
State Farmlands Map
Wetlands and Vernal Pools
Williamson Act

Assessor Book Maps

Assessor Book

Board of Supervisor Districts

Board of Supervisor Districts

Cemetery Districts

Cemetery Districts 1
Cemetery Districts 2
Cemetery Districts - Overall Map

Commerce, Aviation & Economic Development

Commerce, Aviation & Economic Development Office Location


2010 Voting Precincts

Environmental Health Maps

Draft IRWMP Biological Features
Draft IRWMP Disadvantaged Communities (DAC)
Draft IRWMP SWRCB Boundaries
Draft IRWMP Water, Conservation, and Irrigation Districts
Draft IRWMP Surface Areas
Draft IRWMP Watershed


FEMA Flood Map


Dos Palos Graffiti Sites

Irrigation Districts

Ballico-Cortez Irrigation District SOI
Central California Irrigation District SOI
Eaglefield Water District SOI
Grassland Irrigation District
Le Grand Athlone Irrigation District SOI
Merced Irrigation District SOI
San Luis Water District SOI