Friends of the Los Banos Library

Organization Positions:

President : Jon Spevak                               Vice-President : Becky Tietjen

Treasurer : Lynette Gerbi (pro tem)            Secretary : Billy Via

Meeting Information:

Date : Second Wednesday of the month
Time : 6:15 p.m.
Location : Los Banos Branch / Merced County Library
Frequency : Monthly (Meets September to June)

Membership Dues :

Individual : $10 yearly
Family : $15 yearly

Contact Address/email :

Address / PO Box : PO Box 2343
City : Los Banos
Zip : 93635

Other Information :

Organization bylaws : X yes ------no if yes, please send in a copy.
501 c3 : X yes ------no
Organization web site
Organization facebook page : Friends of the Los Banos Library

Mission Statement :

Friends of the Los Banos Library is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-for-profit-community organization dedicated and committed to provide support to the Los Banos Library.



To help support the Los Banos Library and community by providing funding, programs and assistance to the library. To help create a foundation of support on which the library can build for the future of our community.