Library Policies

Internet Policy

The Merced County Library provides free public access to the Internet to meet the information needs of our users and to provide residents with opportunities for learning about information technology. The Library has no control over the quality or accuracy of information found on the Internet. Users should critically evaluate its content. All user access is ‘filtered’ to comply with applicable state and federal law. 

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Patron Policy

Libraries exist to serve the needs of the people who visit, call, write, or contact the library in some other way. Staff in the library serves primarily patrons. People who use the library have the right to facilities that are safe and comfortable to use. The Library rules and policies that require courteous behavior and responsible actions will be enforced.

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Meeting Room Policy

All meetings and programs must be open to the general public and with no admission fees. No dues, donations nor registration fees may be collected. Funds may not be solicited and there may be neither sales nor advertisements of a commercial nature. These facilities may not be used for meetings which are religious in their purpose.

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Please make your reservations through our online Facility Reservations page.

Tutor Policy

The Library is available to the public for the reading and enjoyment of library materials and to support the research and educational needs of its patrons. As part of this educational purpose, the Library permits tutoring on the premises in accordance with this policy

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Policy on Service to Disabled Patrons

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