Intervention Caseloads


Intervention caseloads are designed to address specific juvenile problems and assist families in countering problems before they result in removal from the home. For more information, call (209) 385-7560.

Gang Intervention

Gang intervention caseloads include students at each community school who are affiliated or validated gang members who have Condition 32 as part of their wardship orders. One deputy probation officer is assigned to the caseload and works in collaboration with the police gang task force.

Day Reporting

Day reporting intervention includes wards serving a court-ordered commitment who spend their days in a program, are serving discipline, or have been suspended from regular class. This is designed to offer intervention and remedial services.

TACT Program

The TACT Program includes high-risk wards who have demonstrated an overt criminal lifestyle choice and require intensive intervention to include a 70-day commitment to the DRC.