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Public Health Field Visiting Services
The Maternal Child Health (MCH) Home Visiting Program and case management services are enhanced with additional professional services.

Criteria for the clients served through our home visiting services include:
  • Teenage pregnancy (18 years and under) ( Teens aged 17 and 18 in the absence of other risk factors will be referred to the Young Parents Program)
  •  In order to discover more about the nurse home visiting program and how to be referred into the program, select the link to enter into the Nurse-Family Partnership website. The program is voluntary and the cost is free to those who apply. The website will explain the program and how to participate I the home visiting program.  
  • Tobacco use in pregnancy
  • Drug / alcohol use within the past two years
  • Domestic violence with current partner
  • Mental health issues or diagnoses
  • Medical management difficulties 
  •  Pregnancy-related medical conditions.
  • High risk infants.
  • Children with special needs

To make a referral please select one of the following forms:
Mother & Infant
Pregnant Women
Children & Adults

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