Adult Services


Adult services is a full-service program for adults ages 18 and over who display a serious and on-going mental disorder. Adult services help consumers to reach the highest level of functioning possible. For the following services, call (209) 381-6800 or toll free (888) 334-0163.


An assessment is a thorough examination of the history and current state of the individual's mental, emotional, and behavioral concerns. Related cultural issues and history are also looked at. The assessment is used to determine what mental health services are needed.


Provides mental health services to assist consumers in successfully returning to the work force.

Case Management

Services to help consumers find and connect with resources to solve and decrease everyday living problems.

Drug / Alcohol Services

We provide counseling for consumers with drug/alcohol problems.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Specialty mental health services to those consumers that also experience alcohol and/or other drug-related problems.


Mental health services available to consumers while in jail.

Medication Support

Services are available that evaluate and monitor individuals who need psychotropic medication.

Multi-Disciplinary Staff

Trained staff provide a variety of treatment approaches.

Older Adult Services

Mental health services for consumers 60 years of age and older.


Individual, family, and group therapy is available to meet mental health needs.

Treatment Planning

Individualized planning for the treatment of each individual.