MHSA Plans, Updates and Reports

Welfare and Institutions Code Section (WIC §) 5847 states that county mental health programs shall prepare and submit a Three-Year Program and Expenditure Plan (Plan) and Annual Updates for Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) programs and expenditures.

 The MHSA Three-Year Program and Expenditure Plan (Plan) and Annual Update process is required by statute and is a process in which the County reports to the community the status of current and future planned MHSA funded programs.

MHSA 2018-2019 Draft Annual Update-Public Hearing

The required Public Hearing on the 2018-2019 Annual Update will be held on November 6, 2018 as part of the Merced County Behavioral Health Board Meeting.
The Public Hearing will be held at 301 East 13th Street, Conference Center, Room C207, Merced, California, and will start at 5:30 pm.  This hearing is open to the public for comments or questions about the 2018-2019 Annual Update.

Recent MHSA Plans, Updates and Reports

MHSA Annual Revenue and Expenditure Reports (ARER)

Visit the State DHCS Annual MHSA Revenue and Expenditure Reports by County webpage to view
Merced County's historical and recent ARER.

Historical MHSA Plans, Updates and Reports

Other MHSA Documents

MHSA Agreement - CA DMH and Merced County DMH

The MHSA Agreement between Califonia Department of Mental Health and Merced County of Department of Mental Health

MHSA Prudent Reserve FY 2009/2010 Funding Request

The MHSA Prudent Reserve Funding Request for FY 2009/2010 is currently available for public review.